If I Lived in Wakanda…

Two weeks ago…
Obviously, you can tell from the title of this post that I’m still basking in the greatness that was Black Panther. I, like millions of other people, had anxiously awaited the movie’s debut since 2017 and needless to say, I was not disappointed. I was so confident in how amazing this movie was going to be that I actually started writing this post before the movie even came out!

Present day…
So now that I’ve actually seen the movie and all of the beautiful costumes, I started to imagine how I would dress if I was a citizen of the technologically advanced Wakanda. Since my trip to Nairobi and Cape Town (read my last blog for details), I have been inspired by African designs and prints and have acquired more than a few pieces that I absolutely love! Check out a couple of my favorite designers below.

Chinero Nnamani
Vibrant! What more can I say about this brand? I was first introduced to this designer last summer as I spent my lunch break burning calories (sike!) walking through Tysons Corner Mall in McLean, Va. The clothes were beautifully displayed in a pop-up shop near one of the mall entrances. I normally don’t stop by pop-up shops in the mall, but I was lured by the bright colors. After giving a few of the pieces a thorough hand inspection (get your mind out of the gutter!), I was pleasantly surprised by the thickness and quality of the fabric. Each piece is durable and well made, and the best part is that I’m not nervous that they will completely fall apart when I throw them in the washing machine. Anyone who has ever purchased ANYTHING from Forever 21 (no shade) or H&M (serious shade INTENDED), you know what I’m talking about! I could definitely see myself wearing one of these gorgeous outfits wandering the streets of Wakanda. If you’re interested in any of these pieces, check out the Chinero Nnamani website soon. In honor of Black History Month and the release of the Black Panther movie, Chinero Nnamani is offering 50 percent off of merchandise through February 28 (woot, woot!)

Melange Mode
So, I’ve been eyeing the beautiful designs on the Melange Mode website for a few years now and I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the following jumpsuit. Two words…bomb.com! It fits so well and did I mention that it has…POCKETS?!?! Ughhh, I am literally on pins and needles waiting for the first 75 degree weather day to break out this hot number. Paired with some bold hoop earrings, a neutral clutch bag, and some sky high heels, I’ll definitely be Wakanda-ready in this look. The quality of this jumpsuit is also impeccable and will hold its own against the rigors of the washing machine. Even though I can’t wait to wear this look, I was a bit hesitant to include it on my blog, because I haven’t been able to find it online anywhere. I would suggest that you regularly check the beehive Atlanta website for updates. The designer, Yvonne Ghyselink Pearson also has other great pieces like maxi and midi skirts that would serve as great investment pieces for anyone looking to include original African print designs in their wardrobe. To add to her street cred, Mrs. Pearson’s designs have appeared on the likes of celebrities like Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams and Rev. Run’s daughter Angela Simmons.

Quick soapbox moment…
Black Panther and the beautiful setting of Wakanda gave me all of the warm fuzzies I felt when I visited Africa last year. And even though Wakanda is a fictitious country, it reminded me of the greatness that lies in the lush greenery, natural richness and thriving metropolis-feel so many countries in Africa already possess. Yes, television shows and movies will have you thinking that Mother Africa is all dirt roads, wild animals running amuck, and shanty towns with no running water or electricity. That could not be further from the truth. What I experienced was sophistication, elegance, and vivaciousness…which perfectly describes Wakanda, the beautiful African countries I’ve visited and the beautiful pieces from Chinero Nnamani and Melange Mode.

Off my soapbox…
For more warm fuzzies and a few “uh-huhs”, check out the #InWakanda hashtag on Twitter. You’ll thank me later!

shannon b. 


Where I’ve Been, What’s New and White Boots

It’s true. I haven’t touched this blog or my Instagram page for more than a year, and I wish I had some really elaborate and exciting reason as to why, but the truth, is I don’t. Life happens and I took a break, but I’m back now, so let’s catch up!

1. Where Have I Been?

Well, in the last year I started a new PR job in corporate America, celebrated six years of marriage, dedicated countless hours to the Women’s ministry at my church, helped launch two satellites into outer space (crazy and random, I know!), hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner, oooo and I spent two glorious weeks in the Motherland…Nairobi and Cape Town to be exact. Can I say that my time in Africa was ABSOLUTELY amazing, life-changing, and all of the good words ever invented? I loved it so much that I want to spend my next few vacations on the continent of Africa exploring new countries. The whole experience was phenomenal. I can’t even put it into words. I was so inspired by the people, the beauty, the fashion, the energy, the EVERYTHING! From going on a three-day safari and seeing elephants up close and personal, to feeding giraffes and traversing up Table Mountain, it was definitely an experience of a lifetime and I can’t wait to go back. I’ll share some snaps below.

2. What’s New?

So, remember that new job I literally JUST told you I started last year? Well, I’m actually about to start a new one in a few weeks. Crazy right? I still can’t believe it myself! Even though I feel like I’m always starting a new job, this time around I really didn’t see this new opportunity coming.  I wasn’t even looking for a job. God has definitely blessed me in the “job getting” business, so all glory to Him! Other than a new place of employment, I really can’t think of any other new things to report. Still no dog (sad face). Still no kids (happy face, happy dance, happy life, etc.). Still no endless clothing budget (double sad face).

3. White Boots?

Okay, so this section is a little random. At its core, this is a style blog, so I have an obligation to talk about some element of style. So here goes. I’ve noticed this trend of wearing white boots with almost everything. I’ve seen celebrities rock white boots. I’ve seen girls in the street wearing white boots. If you love the look and have a pristine pair of white boots sitting in your closet right now or if you have a pair sitting in your shopping cart on NastyGal.com, then I recommend you don’t read this any further. Okay, I warned you! Here’s my verdict on white boots…I’m not a fan. Period. That’s it. No more to say about it.

I think this is it for now. Writing this first blog of 2018 wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be. I already have a few fun ideas for some future posts, so stay tuned and thanks for reading!

shannon b.