Get Me Bodied

Yes, I know. Another week, another old school song reference. But can you blame me this time? Who doesn’t love Get Me Bodied from Beyoncé’s B’Day album (pause…serious question here…what do we call collections of songs nowadays? Albums were before my time and no one buys CDs anymore. So, what should I say? B’Day stream? I’m seriously lost).

Okay, back to fashion. Can you guess what trend I’m highlighting this week? Yes! No? Okay, it’s bodysuits! They can be your best friend and worst enemy all at the same time. They’re great at sitting flush against your bust and midsection, eliminating the need to constantly tuck-in the extra fabric from your shirt. But, they can be your worst nightmare when you’ve waited a bit too long to go to the bathroom. Not that I’ve had any accidents…in recent history. There was that one time in middle school (don’t judge me), but I’ve learned my lesson since then. And yes, I had a drawer full of bodysuits in middle school. Back then I’d pair them with my Bongo jeans and Timberland boots.

Bongo jeans never made a comeback (I think), but bodysuits sure have! I’ve even rolled a few back into my rotation after a long hiatus. If you’re curious about introducing this convenient/inconvenient item into your wardrobe, check out my suggested pairings below.

1. Full skirts

A full skirt is the perfect complement to a bodysuit. Why you ask? Any item that has a lot of volume, á la a full skirt, requires a top that is more fitted. It’s all about creating balance in your look. Here’s a rule of thumb…if your top has a lot of volume, then your skirt should fit closer to your legs and vice versa.


Full skirts

2. Wide-leg pants

This is the same concept as the full skirt. It’s all about proportions. Body suits provide great balance to the fullness of wide-leg pants. Consider pairing the bodysuit with a blazer or long cardigan sweater, chunky heels and wide-leg pants for a day in the office. I promise you won’t have to worry about keeping your shirt tucked in all day long. 

Wide-leg pants

3. Paper bag waist skirts or pants

First off, what’s a paper bag waist skirt you ask? Don’t worry. It’s not made out of a paper bag! The name actually describes what the top of the pants or skirt looks like. See below. I love the paper bag look because it gives the average pant or skirt a little more personality. Not to mention this style is an easy way to achieve a cinched waist look and can expertly hide a bloated tummy.

Paper bag waist skirts and pants

Now don’t get me wrong. There are tons of other ways you can style a bodysuit. These just happen to be my favorite. You can just as easily pair them with skinny cropped jeans, a duster and open toe booties.

What say you? Are you on-board the bodysuit train? I’d love to hear how you’re currently pairing your bodysuit or how you plan to style it once you complete your massive bodysuit order from Asos.

shannon b.

P.S. – I’m really serious about what I should call music now. If you have any suggestions so I can stop sounding like a grandma, I’m all ears. Help me!


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