So instead of doing a traditional, condensed autobiography (please scroll down a bit and look to the right) for this ‘About’ page, I decided to interview myself. I’ve actually verbally interviewed myself before (don’t judge me), so this written interview is a piece of red velvet cake.


  1. What is your day job? – I’m a PR girl.
  2. Who is your favorite designer? – I love, love, love Elie Saab!
  3. What store makes you want to cut-up your credit card? – J. Crew makes me want to cut my card, burn it and then take my car and run over the ashes. I spend WAY to much money in that store! #slightaddiction
  4. If you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be? – I’ve always wanted to go to Tahiti and stay in one of those romantic bungalows that sits over the water.
  5. If you could exchange closets with one person, who would that person be? – Only one person? It would have to be the lovely Tracee Ellis Ross. She and I are best friends…in my head.

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