Down with Corporate Suits!

If you’ve ever read any of my #WorkWearWednesday posts, you already know of my serious disdain for black, grey, blue power suits or corporate attire in general. DISCLAIMER: In the next few lines I’m going to go into excrutiating detail about my contempt of corporate wear. Please feel free to skip to the third paragraph if you absolutely love suits. 

As I was saying, corporate attire makes my skin crawl. Okay, that was a bit extreme, but I’m just trying to paint the picture of how much it really irritates me. I feel like my creativity is stifled when pulling out a suit. I would even go as far to say that I feel like a caged bird (and I don’t even know why they sing), but you probably already think I’m crazy.


Anywho, so what do you do when you work in a corporate environment and “conservative” wear is required? Welcome to my world!! Even though I’ve introduced myself to you as a women’s style consultant and blithering blogger, by day I am a public relations professional working in a very buttoned up industry and have for most of my career. As you can imagine, I have a lot of experience stretching the boundaries with my fashion choices. Below are a few wardrobe and accessory alternatives to incorporate into your ho-hum office look.

1. Colorful pencil skirts

Pencil skirts have quite the presence in my closet because of their versatility. For example, you can pair them with a sweater, silk blouse, t-shirt and blazer. Pencil skirts are still structured enough that you look professional, but in bright colors (think pink, green or cobalt blue) they add an element of fun to the entire look. Check out my barrage of bright pencil skirts below. Yes, that’s a yellow one. It’s one of my faves!  

2. Statement jewelry

Sometimes your jewelry is the star of the show. I’ve invested in several bright and beautiful pieces that add an additional umph to my work looks. I love pairing a chunky bright orange necklace with a navy blue shift dress. Check out some of my statement making pieces (and additional accessories) below. Could you see yourself adding something similar to your office look?


3. Anything but basic black pumps

I have to admit that sometimes the only shoe that will work is a black pump, BUT that’s not the case for every work outfit in your wardrobe. Experiment with different colors, textures and heel sizes. Try pairing oxfords with a jumper dress and white collar shirt or wear leopard print pumps with a black skirt and green silky top, like the picture below. What do you think? Are you brave enough?  


Hopefully these tips won’t make you feel that you’ve stepped too far out of the box. These are just baby steps to help you bring the boring suit quotient down to at least a two or three. 

Try incorporating these suggestions into your workwear over the next week and let me know how it goes. 


shannon b. 

P.S. I was seriously considering calling this blog Confessions of a Corporate Style Rebel. Maybe it’s not too late? 


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