One Sweater…Three Looks

Know how to get the best bang for your buck in your closet? Make sure to invest in pieces that can be paired with multiple items in your closet. Sound hard? Not really. I’ll show you how.

Let’s take the following sweater.

Polka dot short sleeve sweater

One might see this sweater and think it can only be paired with a black pair of slacks or ankle length skinny jeans, but there are so many other options that can create multiple looks in your closet.

Pleated skirt

This pleated skirt is a great option for pairing the short sleeve sweater. Although unconventional, this skirt paired with the sweater and over-the-knee boots creates an incredibly fun look for the office or a lunch date.

Leather leggings

These black, faux-leather leggings are a simple way to add a little edge to an otherwise classic-looking sweater. Paired with open-toe booties, hoop earrings and a cropped jacket, this look can take you from a client meeting to happy hour with your girlfriends.

Cocktail dress

Lastly, pairing the sweater with a simple cocktail dress is another way to expand your wardrobe options. This is a fun look that you could wear on a date with your beau or to a fancy brunch with friends.

Now, that I’ve given you a few ideas, take some time and look through your closet. See if there is a random blouse or pair of pants that you’ve never matched before. This can be a fun exercise…kind of like playing dress up in your closet. I’d love to see the new combinations you come up with. Please share below!

shannon b.


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