Get Me Bodied

Yes, I know. Another week, another old school song reference. But can you blame me this time? Who doesn’t love Get Me Bodied from Beyoncé’s B’Day album (pause…serious question here…what do we call collections of songs nowadays? Albums were before my time and no one buys CDs anymore. So, what should I say? B’Day stream? I’m seriously lost).

Okay, back to fashion. Can you guess what trend I’m highlighting this week? Yes! No? Okay, it’s bodysuits! They can be your best friend and worst enemy all at the same time. They’re great at sitting flush against your bust and midsection, eliminating the need to constantly tuck-in the extra fabric from your shirt. But, they can be your worst nightmare when you’ve waited a bit too long to go to the bathroom. Not that I’ve had any accidents…in recent history. There was that one time in middle school (don’t judge me), but I’ve learned my lesson since then. And yes, I had a drawer full of bodysuits in middle school. Back then I’d pair them with my Bongo jeans and Timberland boots.

Bongo jeans never made a comeback (I think), but bodysuits sure have! I’ve even rolled a few back into my rotation after a long hiatus. If you’re curious about introducing this convenient/inconvenient item into your wardrobe, check out my suggested pairings below.

1. Full skirts

A full skirt is the perfect complement to a bodysuit. Why you ask? Any item that has a lot of volume, á la a full skirt, requires a top that is more fitted. It’s all about creating balance in your look. Here’s a rule of thumb…if your top has a lot of volume, then your skirt should fit closer to your legs and vice versa.


Full skirts

2. Wide-leg pants

This is the same concept as the full skirt. It’s all about proportions. Body suits provide great balance to the fullness of wide-leg pants. Consider pairing the bodysuit with a blazer or long cardigan sweater, chunky heels and wide-leg pants for a day in the office. I promise you won’t have to worry about keeping your shirt tucked in all day long. 

Wide-leg pants

3. Paper bag waist skirts or pants

First off, what’s a paper bag waist skirt you ask? Don’t worry. It’s not made out of a paper bag! The name actually describes what the top of the pants or skirt looks like. See below. I love the paper bag look because it gives the average pant or skirt a little more personality. Not to mention this style is an easy way to achieve a cinched waist look and can expertly hide a bloated tummy.

Paper bag waist skirts and pants

Now don’t get me wrong. There are tons of other ways you can style a bodysuit. These just happen to be my favorite. You can just as easily pair them with skinny cropped jeans, a duster and open toe booties.

What say you? Are you on-board the bodysuit train? I’d love to hear how you’re currently pairing your bodysuit or how you plan to style it once you complete your massive bodysuit order from Asos.

shannon b.

P.S. – I’m really serious about what I should call music now. If you have any suggestions so I can stop sounding like a grandma, I’m all ears. Help me!


Who Spot Ya?

What’s with the title? It’s my lame attempt at relating a popular fashion trend with a classic hit from the late, great Notorious BIG. Get it!?! Check out this link. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, disregard my attempt at being somewhat clever.

Now, on to why you’re actually here. It’s obviously not for my trip down hip-hop memory lane! Let’s talk about a look that you’ve probably seen ten times over by now…leopard print! I’m sure you’re probably thinking that leopard print is always around, which in essence is true. But we’re seeing it pop up in more than just a sexy dress or skirt. The print is taking over every part of our wardrobe, from cropped pants, to belts and even booties.

With so many options, where do we even begin? Leopard print is a very busy pattern. It doesn’t take much for it to become too overwhelming. The key is to take a completely neutral look and substitute one item with something that is leopard print. See a few examples below.

The Reformation – Marlon Pant

A pair of black slacks or jeans can be very predictable. That’s why I’m really loving this cropped pant paired with a basic black short sleeve tee. It just makes this look a bit more bold don’t you think? Who doesn’t want more fun? Since it’s still winter (booooo!), try pairing these pants with a black or brown blazer. You could also pull in a fitted cashmere sweater in a fun color like candy apple green or pink.

Aren’t these loafers fun? Can’t you imagine throwing them on with some cropped jeans, a basic white tea, hoop earrings and a beige boyfriend cardigan before you head out to run a few errands on a Saturday? These loafers exude just the right amount of panache and upgrade the typical “running errands” fit (short for outfit) to look effortlessly cool.

J. Crew – Demylee™ X leopard-print scarf

Since the cold weather is still upon us (if you’re an east coaster), then you know a scarf will remain an essential part of our wardrobe at least for the next couple of months. Since that’s the case, why not have a little fun with it? I know heather grey is a safe, neutral choice, but let’s take a little risk! Try pairing this scarf with a green coat or on top of a denim collar shirt.

I don’t know about you, but I think this post was ‘spot on’, if I have to say so myself. Okay, okay. I’m done trying to witty. Let me know what you think about leopard print, if you already have it in your closet, or will be doing some online shopping immediately after reading this post!

shannon b.

How to Dress for Wishy-Washy Weather

As I was driving home last week wearing a two-piece wool ensemble in 40 degree weather, I had a quick meeting with God. It went something like this:

“Aren’t we in April? Where’s the warm weather? Why am I wearing wool in spring?”

I’m still waiting on a response from him, but I understand he’s rather busy. I’ll just be patient. In the mean time I started to question myself about how to dress for this crazy weather. And I figured, if I had questions then I’m sure you do too. So I put together a few wardrobe pieces that I think will help us weather this inconsistent season.

Medium-weight scarf

I’m sure I made up the term medium-weight scarf, but I’m trying to emphasize the importance of the material. I wouldn’t recommend a wool scarf nor would I recommend a feather-light weight scarf either. You need something right in the middle. A scarf is a great accessory, but during those confusingly cold spring days, they can provide great warmth. I recommend getting a sweater long enough to wrap around your arms. Since I’m done with stockings for the rest of the year, I even used a scarf to wrap around my legs last week while I was in the office because I’m 100 percent sure the air conditioner was on!


ASOS Oversized Scarf In Herringbone With Tassels


Open-toe booties

Soooo, for many years I was really against open-toe booties. I just didn’t get the concept. Boots were made to keep your feet warm. Cutting a whole at the top, seemed oxymornish to me…until I found a pair that I really fell in love with. Now, I have more than a few open-toe booties in my closet. Now that I’m reformed, I highly recommend open-toe booties for those wishy-washy weather days because they’re perfect in the morning when it’s still rather cold outside and you need something to keep your feet warm. By the time you head out for lunch and it’s warmed up a bit, your little toesies will be grateful to feel the warmth of the sun.


Vince Addie Sandal

Long sleeveless jacket 

I’ve admired long sleeveless jackets for the past few seasons. They provide just enough coverage on your torso to keep you warm, but don’t extend down to your wrists like a typical jacket or coat. Sleeveless jackets are versatile and allow you to mix textures and colors. For example, the sleeveless jacket might be suede and the long sleeve shirt you wear under it might be satin material. Sleeveless jackets look great with a spring dress, midi skirt, flare jeans, a silky blouse, etc.  The key word here is versatility.


Glamorous Stone Long Sleeveless Jacket 

Fingers crossed that the weather will stabilize soon, but in the mean time, I think these three pieces will help you get through the inconsistency. What staple item are you relying on during this wishy-washy season?

shannon b.