Kick rocks, winter!

This winter season brought great, new wardrobe pieces to my closet, like my over-the-knee black, suede boots by Sam Edelman and my sandy-colored J.Crew winter coat that I wore practically everyday, BUT, spring can’t come soon enough and this Friday is officially the first day of the new season!

Good riddance to my stockings, tights, coats, gloves and heavy scarves. Am I being a bit harsh? Probably, but I’ve never loved the winter season. Even though I’m a December baby, in my heart I was born right in the midst of the spring season when the tulips and cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the sun stays out longer and the atmosphere is covered with a thick coat of pollen (sorry, I’m one of the rare breeds that doesn’t have allergies).

Okay, now that I’ve gotten all of the negativity out of the way (cold weather makes me say mean things), let’s talk about some of the awesome items I’m looking forward to this spring.

White spring coats
So, I might have become a bit obsessed with white spring coats. Just earlier this week, I had two of them in my closet. I am happy to report that I returned one. Having two white coats is a bit much, unless I’m a doctor. Here are a few that I really like.

Spring dresses
I love wearing dresses all year-round, but there’s something magical about wearing them in the spring, when your bare arms and legs finally get to feel the warmth of the sun after winter’s cold grip. I can imagine myself wearing one of the following dresses while there’s a subtle breeze and the bottom of my dress sways with the wind.

Wooden platform wedges
Full disclosure…in my mind, I’m tall and statuesque like a giraffe, but in reality I am short, petite and stand five feet tall. I totally love and accept my actual height, but I’m definitely looking forward to breaking out my wooden platform sandals this spring. They elongate my profile and I love the way they look with a sundress or a pair of white or flared jeans.

shannon b.



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