Why Would I Hire a Personal Stylist?

Even though I work in the public relations (PR) field (a pretty popular occupation), when people ask what I do, I still find myself having to explain exactly what PR is all about. Now, you can only imagine, when I say, “I’m also a personal stylist” how people’s minds start to go into overdrive. Leave it to me to select two somewhat ambigious career paths!

If you’re reading this blog, I’m pretty confident that you understand what I do as a personal stylist, but I’m not sure if you know all of the benefits a stylist provides. Our job is to make your life easy-peasy…rather you’re someone that breaks out in a rash when the word shopping is mentioned or you’re on the other end of the spectrum and break out into song and dance when it’s time to take a trip to the mall.

We don’t cure diseases, but we can help build self-esteem. We don’t solve hard math equations, but we can tell you where to invest your shopping dollars and where to save them. We’re not entertainers, but we make the time we spend with our clients fun.

So what else can a stylist do?

1. Save you time

Your time is valuable, so instead of spending a ridiculous amount of it in your closet trying to figure out what to wear, a stylist can revamp your closet so that you can cut that time in half. We can help you purge items that you’ve been holding onto for years, but actually never wear. Closet clutter can definitely slow you down if you’re trying to get dressed pretty quickly. We also save you time when shopping at your favorite retail store, because we typically arrive at the shop before you do. We scope out the merchandise and set aside items that we think would be a good fit for you. That way, when you arrive all you have to do is head to the dressing room and start trying on the clothes. No more fighting through the clothing racks.

2. Save your money

Who doesn’t want to save money? You may not realize this, but you actually waste money when you buy items that just sit in your closet. Even if it was on sale and you got a great deal, if it never sees the light of day, it was a waste of money. My job is to help you avoid making expensive mistakes and talking you off the ledge from buying those lime green snakeskin joggers that you will never wear. During a closet revamp, we also take inventory of what you already own so that when we go on a shopping date, you don’t buy more of what you already have in your closet. We also show you how to make better use of the clothes you already own and how to wear them in different ways, which helps cut down on unnecessary shopping trips.

3Save you from shopping indecision

Have you ever brought something and then days later regretted making the purchase because you either paid too much money, can’t find anthing else to wear with it or can’t decide if it’s the best look for you? It’s our job to be that sounding board you wish was with you in the closet every morning as you’re getting dressed or in the dressing room with you while you’re out shopping. A stylist is an expert in identifying current and future fashion trends and understanding what clothing pieces look best on our clients. It’s our job to be honest and make decisions that you sometimes don’t want to make.

So there you have it. Just a few benefits that come with hiring a personal stylist. Hopefully you’ll consider working with one, one day. Give us a try. We don’t bite!

shannon b. 


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