Finding New Balance

You probably can’t tell from my current wardrobe, but tennis shoes (or sneakers depending on what region you live in) used to be a MAJOR staple in my closet during my high school and early college years. It wasn’t uncommon to see several boxes of Air Jordan’s stacked on the floor of my closet. I was also very fond of New Balance tennis shoes, which have recently made a reappearance in my life and I’m loving all of the new styles.


These are the latest pair of New Balance shoes I snagged last summer. Aren’t the colors so much fun? They’re also extremely versatile. I love that you can wear them while you’re out running errands or heading to the gym in stretch pants and a tee or meeting girlfriends for lunch in some skinny jeans and a blazer. What’s even more validation for the awesomeness of New Balance is that they’re sold at my favorite store…J. Crew.  I’m totally obsessed with these tennys and can’t wait to add a couple more to my collection.

If there is a tennis shoe fairy that would like to gift me with a few (or five) more pairs, I’ve included pics of some of the styles I’ve had my eye on, below. 

What do you think? Are you sold? Let me know which tennis shoes you love to rock!

shannon b.


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