3 Style Resolutions for 2017

Can we you hear the sound of people cheering, champagne popping and Auld Lang Syne (the NYE song) blaring in the midnight air? I just described what New Year’s Eve looks and sounds like for many of you. Can you believe we are less than a week away from 2017? This year has flown by!

As traditions go, the end of an old year and the start of a new one inspires people to set resolutions. So, in conjunction with the same old resolutions you make every year, like losing weight, eating healthier, saving money and praying more, let’s include a resolution about how we’re going to present our best selves in 2017. I came up with three style resolutions below and I invite you to adopt one or all for 2017! Let’s go!

  1. Only buy or wear what you absolutely LOVE. – Why is this important? Because, we spend a lot of money and closet real estate on items we only feel lukewarm about. Would you stay in a relationship with someone who you feel indifferent toward? Then, why would you want to buy or wear something in your closet that doesn’t make you feel fabulous? And I don’t mean that it made you feel fabulous three years ago. If it doesn’t make you feel like a goddess today then let it go. Clothes are an investment. We wear them everyday. Make sure every dollar you spend on clothes is toward an item that makes you excited to wear it. Do an inventory of your closet. It might take you a while to get to a place where you LOVE absolutely everything in your closet, so start with baby steps and eliminate the pieces that you can live without.
  2. Embrace a new color, print or pattern. – Notice I said “a” new color, print or pattern. I’m not asking you to adopt the whole rainbow! We are all creatures of habit, which is reflective in our closets. If we like the way we look in a particular color, then we’ll buy everything under the sun in that color. Let’s commit to trying out a new color that’s not currently in our closet (for me, it will probably be pink). For example, if you’re partial to only wearing stripes, why not give polka dots or floral print a try?What will introducing a new color do? Glad you asked! It will widen the buying field for you and you’ll have more options of things to wear.
  3. Take better care of what’s already in the closet. – How many of us are guilty of turning a blind eye towards blazers, sweaters, dresses, etc. that are dry clean only? How many of us hang our sweaters instead of folding them? How many of us just kick our shoes off and don’t place them back in their box? How many of us have a tangled mess of necklaces and earrings in our jewelry boxes on our dressers? How many of us throw the handbags that we once treasured on the floor in our closet? Did I just describe myself? I, for one am guilty for committing a lot of these atrocities (too dramatic?). The clothes, accessories and shoes in my closet are an investment and I must admit, I don’t always treat them that way. Sure, when I first get a new bag or pair of shoes, I’m extra careful to store them properly…but after six months, all of the tender, love and care is out the window. Let’s take better care of our investments all year round, that way they’ll last longer!

So as we bring in 2017, think about how you want to present yourself in 2017. It might start with one or all of the resolutions I shared above. Or you might have your own, which I would love to hear. Comment below and let me know if you are committing to these style resolutions or creating your own.

shannon b.


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