An Oldie But Goodie

A few weeks ago us residents of the DMV-area got a break from the coldness of winter and received a visit from the warm rays of the sun. It was glorious! I walked outside for lunch and people were picnicking like it was Memorial Day weekend. The hardcore runners were out in their athletic shorts and sports bra to match. Convertible owners were riding around with the top down. It really felt like summer was finally here and I was SOOOOO here for it. I mean I like winter and all…Christmas, my birthday, Valentine’s Day all happen during the coldest months of the year…BUT, summer has always been my first love! So fast forward a couple of weeks and now we’re back in the 40s. What happened? This type of back and forth weather drives me crazy.

So, what do you wear when the weather can’t make up his/her mind about which season he/she wants to be in? I thought that this was would be a great topic to blog about, but then remembered that I wrote about this very conundrum before. I went back and read what I wrote back then it’s definitely still relevant today, so here you go…check out my blog about how to dress for wishy-washy weather.

Have a great week!

shannon b.



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