What to Wear During Your Pounds Meltdown 

Spring is here, which means summer is right around the corner. All of you New Year’s resolution makers that vowed to get in shape and shed those holiday pounds by Memorial Day only have a few weeks left to get prepared for swimsuit weather.

So, what can you wear as you transition to your new summer shape without keeping multiple sizes of clothes in your closet?

I think there are three essential pieces that you should have in your wardrobe during your body transformation…and trust me, you’ll want to wear these looks even after your new shape has arrived.

  1. Wrap dress

Even if you aren’t undergoing a body transformation, a wrap dress is still a statement piece that should have a home in every woman’s closet. It’s perfect for a body that is fluctuating in size because you can pull the waist straps of the dress tighter (for that shrinking midsection) or looser. A wrap dress accentuates your silhouette, no matter what stage you’re in during your body transformation.

DVF Wrap Dress

2. Cocoon Dress

Cocoon dresses are another great option to keep in your closet while you’re melting down the pounds for summer. They have a lot of volume and aren’t restrictive around your arms (as you build up those biceps) and your midsection (as you sculpt your new abs). I also think just the name cocoon is the perfect metaphor as you shed those winter pounds in preparation for your summer body debut…almost like a butterfly shedding her cocoon.

Anthropologie Cocoon Dress

   3. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are another essential piece you should have in your wardrobe as you prepare your summer body. Besides being extra cute, comfortable and functional, they are what I consider the magic must-have in your closet. Jumpsuits are the masters of illusion when it comes to deflecting from those body parts and areas that are still under construction. Come on, wearing a jumpsuit is like wearing a onesie all day. Nothing is more comfortable than that!

FTF Jumpsuit

FTF Jumpsuit

I’d love to hear from you about the body transition pieces that have worked the best for you. Happy shedding!

shannon b. 


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