The Road to Discovering Your Style Personality

So, if you remember from last week, I told you to make a list of all of the adjectives that describe that one item in your closet that you have multiples of. Unless you wrote that list on the back of a napkin that you eventually ended up throwing away (thanks a lot), then it’s time to pull it back out for our next step in the style discovery journey.

  1. What is my style personality?

I almost liken discovering your style personality to figuring out your zodiac sign. Each sign has it’s own characteristics that are “supposed” to describe you. I think the same can be true for your style personality.

When I first meet with my clients for the Personal Style Consultation, I usually give them a Style Personality test. I know that sounds agressive, but it’s a no-fail test. In fact, I don’t even call it a test. They don’t even know I consider it a test, well until they read this post! Through some research and my own experience, I think there are about five different style personalities. They are listed below along with a few adjectives that describe each personality.

Natural – Relaxed, effortless casual, functional, no-fuss, minimalist or bohemian; Think long flowy dresses, soft tees, boyfriend jeans and dusters. Famous naturalistas: Solange Knowles, Sienna Miller or Joy Bryant

Classic – Structured, clean lines, timeless, tailored, sophisticated, traditional or elegant; Think structured blazers, shift dresses, neutral colors, pearl accessories or tailored jeans. Famous classicistas (okay, I made that up): Kerry Washington, Jackie Kennedy Onassis or House of Cards’ Claire Underwood (played by actress Robin Wright)

Trendy – Electic, spontaneous, risky or sassy; Think fringe, joggers, leather, jumpsuits, midi skirts or looks inspired by celebrities or fashion magazines. Famous trendsetters: Rihanna, Miley Cyrus or Kelly Osbourne

Dramatic – Bold, statement maker, head turner, intriguing or confident; Think statement jewelry, leopard print, bright colors, feather boas or sequin gowns. Famous drama queens: Madonna, Diana Ross or Lady Gaga

Romantic – Feminine, whimsical, flirty, soft or flowy; Think maxi dresses, floral print, lace, tulle skirts or pastel colors. Famous romantic ladies: Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez (red carpet) or The Notebooks’ Allie Hamilton (played by actress Rachel McAdams)

Now, compare your list from last week to the section above and see if there are any matches. This will help you determine your style. 

Disclaimer: This isn’t the complete list of style personalities.

There are several; however, in MY experience, these are the most common. If you don’t fall into any of these categories, it is okay. That just means that we have to do a little more digging.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and which personality best describes you. Take my short quiz below, so I can see where you land. Oh, and in case you’re curious about little old me, I fluctuate between classic, dramatic and romantic on any given day. Did I also mention that in general I’m extremely indecisive? I think my various style personalities are validation of my vacillating thought-process!

shannon b.


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