How to Get Dressed in Five Minutes

Without fail, whether we are going to work, church, on a date or a special event, I’m ALWAYS dressed before my husband. How is that possible, when as a woman I have more items to incorporate into my overall look than my husband does? Think handbag, jewlery, sunnies, etc.

What I am doing that my dear hubby seems to miss?

There is a one-step routine that I’ve followed for several years. I’ve been able to shave time off my own style sessions.

So, what’s my secret? Brace yourself! I pre-plan my looks. So what does that mean? I plan the outfits in my head and store them there until I’m ready to bring the look to life. For example, on Sunday I’m already thinking about what I’m going to wear to work on Monday and Tuesday.

Now, you’re probably thinking, THAT’S IT?  That’s the earth shattering one-step routine that will cut my dressing process down to five minutes? YES! Somethings just aren’t complicated and getting dressed everyday for work or to head out with your girls shouldn’t be complicated. Trust me, I definitely notice a difference when I don’t pre-plan my looks. I procastinate getting out of the bed in the morning and hit snooze because I’m trying to bide time and put more thought into what I’m going to wear. When I finally get out of bed, I spend even more time (that I don’t have) in my closet experimenting when I should be on my way to work. Not to mention my closet ends up looking like the Tazmanian Devil spun his way (minus the wacky sounds) through my racks and floor.

So, when is the best time to do all of this pre-planning? For me, I do a lot of the mind coordination during my long drive to and from work. I will confess, there have been a time or two (or a million) when I’ve planned out a week’s worth of outfits during a conference call or meeting at work (shhhh). That’s what I call effective multi-tasking!

For my mommy readers, the title of this blog may be a bit ambitious. I can’t say that I’ve actually tested this theory with a bunch of little humans running around, but the point here is that advanced planning really helps to save time. Also remember that the five minutes is ONLY for getting dressed. It doesn’t include all of the primping  we do in addition to getting dressed. Think hairstyling, lash curling, make-up applying, leg shaving, etc.

Now, that I’ve let you in on my secret, I challenge you to try and get dressed in just five minutes this week. Pre-plan your looks and see how much time it saves you in the morning before work or at night when you’re headed out on a dinner date.

Take the challenge, pre-plan your looks and get dressed in five. Ready, set, dress!

shannon b. 

2 thoughts on “How to Get Dressed in Five Minutes

  1. I too, pre-plan my looks! I’m a “mommy reader” & I have found that the best time to plan my look is when the house is quiet & im lying in bed, right before I doze off 🙂


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