Fall Wish List

The fall season is the perfect time to introduce new staple pieces to your wardrobe…a new coat, a shiny pair of boots or a fabulous handbag. Although my husband took a look at my closet this morning and said (literally) “you don’t need another thing,” a girl can always dream…right!?!?

So, if by chance he’s reading this post or any of my amazing readers are feeling generous, here goes!

1. Mary Janes
I’ve been pining after this classic shoe for the past few weeks. I don’t know if it’s the cross straps or the fact that I can’t wait to pair them with knee high dress socks or tights, but this ode to traditional style is definitely on my must have list for the fall season. I love Miu Miu’s updated look of this timeless shoe.

2. Pussy Bow Blouses
I am absolutely adoring the trend of these beautiful silk blouses with the large bow embellishment. I can imagine wearing this with a tweed pencil skirt and a pair of back seam stockings. This blouse would look equally as stylish with a pair of wide leg trousers. This Valentino Red blouse is so yummy!

3. Faux Fur Collars
Okay, so not quite sure where I will wear this trend just yet, but it’s still on my list of items to have for the  season. Even though I’m in to taking risks in fashion, I’m not quite sure I can pull this look off at work. I’m sure it will cause many stares and not the good kind. Anyway, I am so in love with how the fur collar on this Joules Larkworth blazer takes it to epic style proportions! What do you think?

4. Felt Hat
Okay, so I’m not quite convinced I can pull of this hat because I have really short hair. I’m not willing to grow my hair out just yet, but I still think it’s worthy of being on this list. Adding this Emilio Pucci Woven-Leather Felt Hat or something similar to your ensemble will definitely complete your look and can make you look so polished. Who wouldn’t want that?

Putting this list together made me realize that there are a lot of items on my fall wish list that I wasn’t able to include. A second post may be warranted. Stay tuned!

P.S. – What wardrobe investment pieces are you hoping to add to your closet this season? I’d love to hear!

shannon b.  


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