An open invitation…to judge me

You probably will never ever in your life receive an invitation like this, so here goes. If you’re on the east coast, you like me are finally experiencing winter weather. I think it was 20 degrees yesterday morning! So as I stood in my closet and put on my cranberry colored wool pencil skirt (from J. Crew of course), a black tee, a black long blazer and my new Schutz pony-haired, leopard print pumps (a Christmas gift from my love), it occurred to me that I would probably receive a few stares because a cute pair of tights were not included in my complete look. So here’s my confession…I went bare-legged yesterday and it wasn’t my first offense. Okay, deep breath, bracing myself. Let the judgmental thoughts begin!

Why risk the flu and expose my legs to the bitter cold air, especially when my lovely mother just blessed me with several new pairs of stockings and tights in various designs and shades — think leopard and floral print, argyle, fishnet and navy blue. In my mind, there are some ensembles in which wearing a pair of tights or stockings are essential in completing the look. Yesterday, was not that day. I base my style on feeling and yesterday I simply wasn’t feeling wearing leg coverings. 

In my defense, even though it was below freezing yesterday, I technically never went outdoors. When I left out of the house, I walked out into the garage, got in the car and turned the heat on blast. When I arrived at work, I parked in the garage under my building, scurried up to my office and turned on my little space heater. So going bare legged wasn’t too crazy, right? You don’t have to agree, but in my mind it all makes sense and is completly justified. 

So there you have it, my winter time confession and the last opportunity I’ll ever offer for you to openly judge me. 

Now that I’ve shared this tidbit about me, what would you like to confess? 


shannon b.


3 thoughts on “An open invitation…to judge me

  1. Hi Shannon – I a Michelle’s friend – Carmen Jones. I would love to have you come over and help me purge my closet and get a few new things. Can we schedule a time later this month or early next?

    Thanks much – Carmen >


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